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    1. Lumber

      Made to build communities. Made to build business.

      True. Trusted. Tolko.

      The key to quality construction

      Whether you’re in residential/light commercial construction or structural building component manufacturing, having a trusted source for your lumber allows you to maintain your quality and peace of mind.

      At Tolko, we are that source for our customers.

      With state-of-the-art-mills operating in Canada and the U.S., we create an array of high-quality forest products. Our cutting-edge facilities are equipped to produce a broad range of wood products that serve a variety of customers around the world.



      Lumber built on values

      When you work with Tolko, you get more than high-quality lumber. Guided by the same values for over 60 years, we are dedicated to outstanding customer service to make sure our customers feel understood and that all their needs are met. Starting with building relationships, we seek to understand our customer’s business, which allows us to provide them with the solutions, service, and market knowledge they need to succeed.

      From providing top lumber products to drawing on the expertise of our logistics team, we are committed to helping your business succeed.

      Dimensional Lumber Mills

      MillMill StampHeat Treat #Primary Product
      High LevelPLIB 101CA00647Dimension, MSR
      LakeviewPLIB 106CA00686Dimension, MSR
      LavingtonPLIB 26CA00905Dimension
      LaSalle Lumber Company LLC : A Hunt-Tolko Partnership
      Southeastern Timber Products LLC : An STP-Tolko Partnership

      Stud Lumber Mills

      MillMill StampHeat Treat #Primary Product
      ArmstrongPLIB 99CA00922Stud
      KelownaPLIB 105CA00683Stud
      Soda CreekPLIB 107CA00684Stud

      Consistent products. Dependable supply.