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    1. Co-Generation

      Green electricity for the future

      True. Trusted. Tolko.

      The energy industry is moving on from coal and oil in an effort to mitigate the release of carbon into the atmosphere.

      This movement towards a future of green energy has created an opportunity for Tolko to step up, and we’re excited where it will lead all of us. Our value of progressiveness continues to guide us as we take advantage of new opportunities through co-generation.

      Co-generation is the production of useable heat and electricity simultaneously in our mills. Both our Armstrong and Kelowna mills produce heat, in the form of steam, which is used both to dry wood products and produce saleable electricity with a steam turbine. This steam is generated from renewable wood biomass, primarily bark from sawmill operations.


      Kelowna co-generation

      Our Kelowna co-generation site uses bark produced at the sawmill on-site to make steam, which is then used to dry lumber and produce up to eight megawatts (MW) of electricity. Any power produced in excess of the sawmill’s consumption is then sold to BC Hydro, helping British Columbia to maintain the steady stream of green energy.

      Armstrong Co-Generation

      Our Armstrong co-generation facility began operations in 2001, enabling the decommissioning of several beehive burners in the North Okanagan. This unit consumes the bark produced by up to eight area sawmills, creating 20 MW of electricity and process steam for the adjacent lumber and plywood operations.

      This operation is EcoLogo Certified, the Canadian national standard for green energy, and all electricity generated is sold to BC Hydro under an agreement that supports the province of British Columbia’s commitment to increasing clean, green power.


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      Together, the Armstrong and Kelowna facilities produce enough green electricity to power over 18,000 homes.

      It’s this kind of innovation and progressiveness that has kept Tolko vital through 60 years and will continue to push us into the future.

      Contact Information

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      Michael Towers

      Manager Energy and Environment

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